Innovative strength

Our Centre for Innovation and Excellence is where the future starts
With the development of new technologies and manufacturing techniques, the Centre for Innovation and Excellence concentrates the group’s international expertise in tile technology and ensures that modern design will continue to be realised reliably and with lasting effect in line with market requirements: the centre not only determines and analyses lifestyle trends, translating them into contemporary tile designs, but it also subjects new tile collections to exhausting durability tests before they go into standard production. 

Quality is the foundation for the new
Long-term reliability is crucial to innovation. In order to guarantee the durability and robustness of the tiles, all products are subjected to different tests and checks throughout the production process.  They come through with flying colours and are more than a match for even the toughest conditions: tests carried out by an independent institute confirm that the tiles withstand the regular removal of graffiti in the Paris metro.

Product variety shows off rooms to best advantage
The exclusive product offer impresses architects and building owners, not only because the durability and modularity of each tile complies with all the principles of sustainability but also because the colours and formats of the nonvitreous, vitreous and porcelain stoneware can be intelligently combined and are versatile and easy to work with.

Digital printing is changing creativity 
V&B Fliesen is the first tile manufacturer in Germany to utilise the design possibilities of digital printing. This technology can be used to transfer new, unique ideas to both individual tiles and entire collections, as well as to realise complete room solutions.

Lucerna range in natural stone design